Have we told you lately how much we appreciate you and how much your presence impacts the team? Well, we haven’t been formerly introduced yet but if you consider giving us a try, this is what you should expect.

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  • We will commit ourselves to showing you the respect you deserve
  • We will challenge your strengths and help you build more
  • We will provide a safe and friendly environment for you to feel comfortable being you
  • We will encourage you to bring your personal life to work
  • We will celebrate with you and rally behind you
  • We will make you laugh, A LOT


This is not a job, it’s a purpose. This is an opportunity for you to get paid to make a difference.

We are laser focused on leading the business world by example, showing them how to LOVE their employees by showing our employees how to LOVE their customers. We are not just looking for people to answer the phone or take web chats. We want to find the best of the best personalities who LOVE to serve others and who are committed to turn even the most difficult conversations into positive experiences.



One Company, UNDER GOD, Indivisible. Everyone, in all positions, Working together toward a single goal. 

Everyone works from home. We have no corporate office, cubicles or commute. It’s just easier that way. We do however have a very structured environment, created to ensure all people, in all positions are treated equally. The best way to show your respect to someone is to not take advantage of them which is why we embrace a culture of teamwork, transparency and trust.

  • Everyone is scheduled shifts based on their hours of availability
  • Everyone is expected to pass our online, self-study training courses for every client they support
  • Everyone is a Customer Engagement Officer. 
  • Everyone is treated equally and holds a position of equal importance; there is no ladder to climb
  • Everyone is paid a fair wage and has an equal opportunity for raises, bonuses and promotions
  • Everyone is responsible for their own Internet/Computer technical support
  • Everyone is given grace but all violations will be documented
  • Everyone is being evaluated regularly to ensure we are providing our very best to our customers
  • Everyone is working together to help each other succeed
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submit your application in just 30 minutes

We are humbled by the amount of applications we receive every year and we are grateful for some of the most amazing personalities and talent we’ve been able to hire. If you would like to be considered for employment please understand our process, like our company, is very different from anything you may have experienced before. Only those who pay close attention to the instructions provided, who give us the most detailed information and who blow us away with their interview video will be bumped to the top of the list. Are you ready to make a difference?