A Perfect Example

My family and I went to try the new Habit Burger in our town. Their marketing genius of their slightly addicting game app brought us into the restaurant but the customer service is what will keep us going back. It got me wondering about the importance of customer service in businesses. Is it as important to the consumer as the product?

We walked into a pristine restaurant (of course, it’s new), but the line was long and slightly slower than it probably should be for a quick dining experience. We ordered our food from a wonderfully friendly cashier who was happy to give us suggestions or explain anything about the menu. We wrestled through the crowd to find a seat, put the little one in the high chair and waited for our buzzer to light up signaling our food was ready. While we waited, I watched as employees would walk through the dining room, wiping down tables, asking patrons if they would like their tray taken away or if they wanted a refill. Were they really putting the customer first? Anyone with a little restaurant experience will be able to say not only does that add to the customer experience, it’s also more efficient as the quicker the table will turn around. Nevertheless, the people that were helping seemed very happy to assist and it was amazing to see genuine customer service in action. Finally, the flashing lights of the buzzer notified us our food was complete.

Ron brought the food back to the table, informing me his burger was dressed improperly and they would be bringing him another. As I was getting the baby’s food together, I realized the avocado I requested and paid for was not on the burger and made mention of it to my husband. The employee who was cleaning the table next to us happened to overhear my conversation and came over to ask what he could get me as he heard something wasn’t right. Wow…now that’s customer service! Not only did he get the avocado I requested, he also grabbed me some silverware for the baby and sent the manager over to apologize for the mistake, accompanied by a free burger for our next visit. We were shocked at the high level of customer service throughout the experience and it got us talking.

If the food wasn’t anything to write home about, would people still return? What role does customer service play in the guest experience? In our family, if the food is spectacular but the experience is anything but, we generally don’t return. It works in other aspects as well. We’re happy to pay for a maid service who treats us like family even if we could get the service for $15 cheaper somewhere else, we are happy to get our car serviced by a mechanic that is open, honest and friendly even if the service is no different than the guy down the road who is grumpy and doesn’t talk much.

I’d like to know if our family is different than most. Is the customer service the key to your return? Should customer service be the largest priority in any business?

Serviced By America

Throughout history optimism, ingenuity and entrepreneurship have been the foundation for global economic growth however greed has always been its counterbalance. When the global corporate mission was focused on helping the consumer, the global economy was strong and sustainable yet when consumer’s needs became less of a priority the economy recessed. Genuine, customer care yields the catalyst of prosperity for our national and global economy because it competes with the current trend. Competition breeds alternative ideas and those ideas change the world. Before one can compete however, they must be good at something. What are we, the United States of America, good at?

We are the dreamers, inventors and out-of-the box thinkers of the world. We don’t just make things; we make them better. When we, as a nation, get back to our roots and focus on helping the consumer, we will lead the world out of financial genocide. How do we do it? The same way we have for centuries; Retool, Rebrand and Revolve then lead by example.

It’s time to retool our unemployed labor force, rebrand “Made In America” to “Serviced By America”; “Made In The USA” to “Serviced By The USA” and start a revolution of economic prosperity built on genuine care for the consumer.

Never before have resources and capability ever been so synchronized with global demand. Companies can now leverage technology to employ US citizens who will provide genuine, customer service for a fraction of offshore or overseas solutions. By bringing service related jobs back to the US, companies will harness American Pride at its best. Genuine customer service will result in a renewed reputation earning consumer loyalty that will boast indisputable gains. More American’s will have the ability and drive to pay their debts, shop more often and start new businesses which in turn allows more taxes to be paid that can lower the national debt and reform our policies for the next generation.